After being approached and hearing a bunch of misconceptions and falsehoods floating around this past weekend about our recent product Blight Justice by parties that are no longer associated with Dynamacore, we would like to clear the air and set the record straight.

Blight Justice is not a separate company, nor is it even a spin-off of Dynamacore. It is a web based solution product of Dynamacore that assists local governments and engages their respective citizenry to combat the blight that continues to plague their communities and burden their tax base. The portion where we rehabilitate these blighted properties are handled by vocational schools where their students rebuild and rehabilitate such real estate, thus putting it back onto the tax roles while allowing the next generation of our work force to gain experience by honing their respective trades. At no point in time have we offered Blight Justice for sale to any party, nor have we ever considered spinning it off as a separate company and anybody who is making that claim is flat out lying.  The parties that have been making these misconceptions and falsehoods were operating on their own agenda and never once cleared anything with Dynamacore.

All of these facts I just mentioned, are detailed in our white paper that can be read by clicking the link below. We hope this clarifies any confusion that has been caused by these rouge parties.  We are happy to address any questions, or concerns about this product and anybody is more than welcome to contact our office during normal business hours and we will be happy to discuss any further questions regarding this issue.

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