I do not normally bring up employee affairs publicly, but due to recent events unfolding, I have to make this one exception to clarify confusion among our client base.

Mr. LeRoy’s employment with our company was terminated on June 5, 2018 initially for lack of work and for holding the company up for more money in which I felt was not justified and did not match up to his performance in addition to blackmailing me personally that if I did not cooperate with Schuylkill County Commissioners George Halcovage, Frank Staudenmeier and County Administrator Gary Bender by “playing ball”, and issuing an apology to The Schuylkill County Republican Committee for collecting monies owed to us by their friends, all of them would make sure our latest product Blight Justice would be blacklisted from any consideration in The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in addition to banning our company from making bids on pubic contracts.  Mr. LeRoy has been in my opinion obsessed with Blight Justice to the point of spreading the very same misconceptions and falsehoods I had to clear up in a previous press release only days ago.

We were also receiving reports from our clients that Mr. LeRoy was still approaching them as an employee of Dynamacore which compelled us to investigate Mr. LeRoy’s activities and was discovered that over the last 3 months of Mr. LeRoy’s employment, he used 240 hours of company time talking to and hanging out with borough officials in both Mahanoy City and Shenandoah in an attempt to be hired as their borough manager, including a meeting with Mahanoy Township Authority where according to Mahanoy City officials he was telling people he was the borough manager of Mahanoy City when in fact he was not.  Those past 3 months showed no activity on Mr. LeRoy’s company email account, nor phone extension.

In conclusion, it seems Mr. LeRoy has a track record of impersonating people he is not.  I must clearly state that Clint LeRoy is no longer employed by this company and if he continues to state otherwise, we will take proper action.

All sourced documentation backing up this statement can be found below.

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