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Over the years we have not only provided quality IT support for all businesses alike, we have also developed solutions for everyday people. Blight Pigs is starting to become a respectable database to hold owners of blighted properties accountable in their communities, and the ongoing Crime Dockets project will no doubt empower individuals to make wiser choices, and provide a better balance in our justice system.

Today we are going to corner a new market in addition to what we are doing now. Like so many people out there, we have seen the disgusting acts of violence and abuse against individuals with disabilities on the news lately. The way I operate, and the way I operate Dynamacore is when I see a problem, can we develop a technological solution to make things better? In this case, I’m proud to say yes.

In the coming months we will be developing a solution that we plan on fully implementing by the first quarter of 2015 that will study the shock a human spine undertakes when driving on the highway. This solution which will be very similar to how helmet sensors read shock to determine concussion levels for football & hockey players will be positioned in an automobile to measure the shock level the spine takes when driving on the highway. Just as a holter monitor can read the conditions of the human heart, this solution can be set to not only determine the shock of the spine while driving an automobile and the road responsible for excessive shock, but for doctors to determine what is an acceptable shock level for patients with previous spinal injuries, and other ailments.

This will also enable people with such injuries and disabilities, and those with chronic pain resulting from spinal injuries with one example being flat back syndrome, and failed spinal fusions to have real data to file complaints of discrimination in accordance with The Americans With Disabilities Act specifically pertaining to Title 2 if they cannot access specific roadways, because they are too bumpy, filled with potholes, uneven paving, etc.

Throughout the coming months, we will be reaching out to Chiropractors, and Spine Doctors to help in this study. We are looking forward to see what results this will produce with the goal of setting a standard when it comes to the quality of a highway being ADA compliant.

More to come

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