Dynamacore, based in Mahanoy City, PA is currently developing a technology solution that will help local governments throughout the country in their efforts to curb blighted real estate and other eyesores in their communities.  The first beta will be launched later this July in 2018 for The Pennsylvania Market with the goal of implementing this solution across the country.  Dynamacore will be hosing a webinar on Blight Justice July 13, 2018 and we encourage all local government officials to see what we can offer.

Blight is one of the major factors that plague local governments throughout the country. It lowers property values, decreases tax revenue while making these areas less attractive toward businesses that want to invest into these communities ultimately leading to them being financially distressed to the point where their local codes enforcement lacks the resources or motivation to enforce the laws preventing the blight from occurring. In the process these properties rot and decay to the point where they fall off the tax roles forcing the law abiding citizenry to flip the bill with the ultimate conclusion of these local governments begging for grants at the state and federal levels to finally tear down these blighted properties that should have never fell into a state of decay in the first place. What if we could fight blight with an entirely different approach? What if we can get a hold of these properties before they fall into despair and off the tax roles? Blight Justice by Dynamacore seeks to do exactly that by taking the fight of blight into a completely different direction.

Please feel free to check out our whitepaper on Blight Justice by clicking on the link below.

Blight Justice Whitepaper 2018

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