Currency Inventory SystemWe would like to introduce to you The Currency Inventory System Project.  What you see here is the desktop version of the system.  The finished and more polished product will also be available in both The Google Play and iTunes Stores by the end of this year so this tool can be used on tablets and smartphones as well.  The Fields can also be adjusted and customized to accommodate any specific laws on a Federal, State, County, or local level.

The key to winning any war, especially the war on crime in general is that we need to think about fighting it more on an economic level than a law enforcement level.  This system when fully implemented in its early phase will record every single serial number of every denomination of currency that has been seized in a drug raid.  Once entered into this system, the currency in question becomes flagged.  For example recently in Mahanoy City, PA, thousands of dollars in seized drug money disappeared from the evidence locker where it led to the sudden retirement of The Police Chief and the suspension of a Corporal after District Attorney Christine Holman mentioned how they both failed a polygraph test miserably.  This system can ensure that the very currency that is seized is the same currency that is turned over to The District Attorney down to the very serial number.  If the serial numbers don’t match what is given to The District Attorney, then a red flag is raised to justify an investigation.  It does much more than record an image of the currency in question, you can also use the camera on the computer, tablet, or smartphone to take a face shot of the person entering it to ensure that it is indeed the person entering the data and signing the form, or as we like to call it The Cop Selfie.  Not only will this ensure and restore integrity between law enforcement and the people, it will strengthen the details of such cases in the future ensuring stronger convictions with the proper handling of evidence.

The next phase of this project will be to reach out to The Federal Reserve to ensure that seized drug money when deposited is retired and destroyed.  We are also working on systems where if you took such flagged currency and then spend it at any location, it would alert The District Attorney, law enforcement, The FBI, or whoever would have jurisdiction depending on the local and state government in question.  Simply put this system puts a trail to the paper.

The only way any criminal element can operate is based on how strong their economic power is.  Cash is the engine in which criminals operate, because it cannot be traced.  If you take away their economic power, you take away the criminality and this system is a step in the right direction.  We would like to reach out to every local government to discuss their needs where this system will work to their benefit.  Together we can put real and affordable solutions out there to solve many of the problems that plague our communities.

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