Due to some, speculation and politics surrounding this incident, I felt it necessary to clear the air on this.  As some people may have seen on both Linkedin and Facebook, we posted a picture of a severe work hazard on a site we were contracted to evaluate to determine what is required to install some wireless access points and a few servers for AC Moore in Dickson City, PA.  Dynamacore was contracted by an organization called Presidio to evaluate these AC Moore sites, most specifically this location in Dickson City, PA.  During our evaluation it was discovered that the site contained multiple safety and fire hazards that not only violate OSHA regulations, but local codes in The Borough of Dickson City as you will see in the pictures attached to this article.

The first picture of the stock shelf is sadly the only way you can go in and out of the computer equipment area.  You will also notice that the shelf is not only showing mild rust, but it is slightly bowed which indicates a heavy load.  The second picture is behind the shelf where tons of shelving is piled up and obstructing the electrical panels which is another violation.

I personally made the call to cancel this project until AC Moore gets their store in Dickson City, PA up to code which includes creating a proper entry and exit for the computer equipment room, installing proper ventilation and cooling, along with proper installation of Fire Extinguishers.  In addition the electrical panels need to be free from all obstructions within 3 feet.  Despite these obvious code violations we were approached by Presidio that AC Moore wishes to push forward with this project despite the codes violations, and my answer was no.  From that point I reached out to The Borough of Dickson City with this evidence and reported AC Moore where they have inspected the site and are ordering them to make the necessary changes.

As you will see in my e-mail to Dickson City, I make it clear that we all want to make money, but not at the expense of risking the overall health and lives of other people.  I also want to personally say that these conditions were not only a hazard for my company to evaluate, but AC Moore employees as well that have to work in that environment every day.  I would never subject any of my staff to put themselves into such hazardous environments and I’m disappointed that other organizations don’t show the same regard for their staff as I do for mine.

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