What Makes Dynamacore Different From Our Competition?

With Dynamacore, you get a Dynamacore technician each and every time. Most other IT Consulting Companies resort to recruiting independent contractors for pennies on the dollar and passing them off as employees to their clients to save costs. Not only is this illegal and a misclassification of an independent contractor under federal law, but In many cases these independent contractors are inexperienced, uninsured and unable to service their client’s needs in a professional and timely manner while billing them a considerable amount of money in the process. Worse yet, these independent contractors that are recruited by these companies are rarely if ever given background checks, or drug tested.  This leaves all the parties involved open to severe liability which means not only bad pubic relations, but more costs that you the customer should not have to endure.

Dynamacore Technicians are background checked, because our client base should know who they are allowing into their homes and places of business. That is our guarantee to you!